What ails developing world

The lack of faith of its people in the leadership and the burden of history,which is full with the stories of oppression. and defeats never let the system turns into a newer mode instantly.

The flight of capital is the single most reason of the deplorable state,which again returns in some other forms for time to time,why the people do not have faith in their system to deliver return and evading much taxes ,when money is so much with them,that it does not matter where it goes.
as if they want to hoard it to the extent maximym possible ,so as to reinvest for earning the status/power again or who knows when they have to leave the present safe heaven.
some economies having so huge debt in ratio to their gross domestic product yet they are free to print money at their whims,which finds its way in developing world and eroding the value of hard earned money of the citizen of developing world.
it appears that the mindset of leadership in developing world of being in that stage is also responsible for it,the economies which venture out and studied the tactics of other countries were able to generate wealth for their citizen and the countries living on cloaked idealism have lost.
as if there is deep rooted prejudice that the one deprived for thousand of years could how be allowed to stand on equal footing and allowed to form and discuss the issues/policies.
the ordinary citizen of such countries find their whatever solace in preserving the whatever traditions prevailing unquestionable for centuries there and whiich does not let them to see other part and divert their energy in daily chores of mold.
the brain is drained from there,the delivery machinist is so weak that policies are formed which are hard to implement on the ground,
the model to be adopted by developing countries must suit to their requirement and must not be based on theory of creating island of some prosperity at seldom place.
the massive investment should be allowed and all bottleneck in the way be reduced,what a silly thing it could be that a developing country with existence of so long even does not have a valid/foolproof register of its citizen depicting their actual status and communicating with its citizen is so hard and leaky.
the systems are such that which can be manipulated at whims,the judiciary is so slow that justice is delivered after long time,there is the need for creating mass infrastructure at once and all hurdles in its route are removed and adopt the best model suited to its need.
the hard capital as if going out ,stored in precious metal and imported capital of countries on edge of insolvency are benefiting from it by exporting their maladies to other one,who is worshiping it without knowing its consequences.some global bank has lend and created money to any extent but for investment,removed much bottleneck and had the consolidated vision but other addresses the issue randomly,every now and then announcing new welfare without considering the overlapping of earlier schemes and not bothering about its implementation part.

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