Observe sensitive.

The sensitiveness is directly linked to observation,it may conscious or unconscious observation by self or others.

The behavior change the moment it sets in that i am observing my own cycle of thoughts going on,and the thought flow may become maligned by various biases and prejudices.
One one in real or imaginary circumstances feels that one is being observed than his attitude changes and all sort of sensitiveness sets in,it is also said that until one gets the observation of other the growth /importance is reflected by it,but some are more attuned toward their own set of life,which lacks/nor wish for any public attention,
the gullibleness,the innocance tends to mend on being observed of being observed,as if someone is able to read me,may be able to know by inner or other secrets,thats the feeling which change the game/balance for usually not for better course.
one need to understand that there are hardy much secret there,and the events which one consider unique are happening from eternity and may go on so.
but there is said to be impact on being observed by the stars and universe situated far distant as if annoyed by feeling alarmed of their secrets/identity being out,the reverence the mystery which was associated with them may disappear,forcing tem to become sensitive to observation.
some may feel that the observation is first step and the next step of observer would be what nature/consequences is apprehended.
there are element of mystery in evolution of everything,thats why the night might had been created,when all take a break,the observation of unknown creater is diverted to make them get their shape by adding the mysterious element by his observation.
the great spies learnt the art of not letting know their objects of observing them,so that their true colours are revealed and the mission succeeded ,as soon as one notes of being observed,he may tend to act in a way to protects ones reality.

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