Periodic/recurring emotional collapse

In the present world majority of people hardly give weight age to face value straight forward,yet there are many ,who are sensible to all slight impulses,and their heart/mind is burdened by the self /others feeling /expression ,the impact over them of events in their life/surrounding goes deep.

the practicality is not defined and understood much by them ,and the slight provocation can lead to is not known when the fire stored inside may get ignited by some provocation generated in self by what reason/circumstances.
the losses are many,apart from self weakening and needed lot of time/help etc to restore it some good shape,the image takes a dent,being too much involve in matters in not desirable at emotional level,the relationship should be maintained where it does not impact much even when not in touch for long,the happening/broking it with jilt[feeling generated like so],the relationship are build for understanding self and others and passing time enjoyably but it need not go to the extent of impacting/depending on it too much emotionally/else.
The extra speaking on the moment of distress cause the /help to cause the periodic collapse,and it had chain effect ,making it more susceptible of falling it in again and again.
Therefore how provocative is the situation,how bad is the mood,how bad one is feeling,what other has commented,one need to remain quiet at all costs to avoid falling in trap of the moment causing emotional collapse.
Some people are so fragile that they interpret each and every response of other emotionally,the reply was not with smile,the word not proper,no proper reply,not understanding my feelings etc etc
the things may not be going in the desired direction,but going in other direction,but who knows that which direction will prove profitable,,the level of maturity need to go up that if one feel that other is deepl y concerned and taking all on face value,noe impact on other will be there ,because the two humans with some similar levels/aura can feel much,yet the aspect of practicality be introduced and the distance be created,and get it analyse in start that this relationship will lead where,according fire fighting action be taken.
It is not much worth to be involved with too good people,when when knows that he cant match their goodness,for once better help and to avoid embarrassment to other the escapism is better route.
It is basically tendency that has been caused by abject negative feeling about the capacity of one to tackle things and realize the potential of ones life,it is not about feeling what is lost and becoming too dependent on others,basically to rely on others is a big gamble,now a days as if all indulge in attempting to make other fool ,but sensitive one need not to lose in such whirlpool .
One has to observe te patterns that are causing things to relapse again and again,being good is o.k ,but keeping distance and avoiding and controlling reactions  ,particularly towards those elements who are in habit of recurring creating and attempting provocation that ignite ones immediately or slightly at later stage,that may be strategy of them to gain command by depressing others.

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