The universal economy

The sun gives its light and heat free,the air to inhale is provided,the adjure sky,the free software controlling living and non living things,yet how the economy is being maintained by him and yet the huge unending expansion in his sphere expansion is being funded ,that is amazing.

the accounting of its empire,and it has given extra talent to some of its creature,who think they can explore him and the secret of maintaining the universal economy could be unearth by them,not frightened with the prospect of losing the secret and being subject to grueling by the intelligent agents,
the entertainment at hotel,cinema else is taxed ,the free entertainment and pleasure derived by enjoying the beauty of his creation is not taxed,as if the universal manager may put tax initially on birth,the free enjoyment one will entertain in his life,a rough calculation be made and taxed uniformly.
the economy is built for welfare of citizen and for the power of state,the state need muscle that can be flexed in many direction,yet everything is yet imaginitive,presumptive,as till a man cant in real feel other living being/human and at least feel one self,
what happens is that a individual draws a assumption based on his own suffering and understanding and some collective voices form a notion,as one is hardly able to know self,tax self,a life goes on some theory of addiction and boredom.
the universal economy has most precious item of time,and it could charge anything for it ,the next real invention/breakthrough in science is needed to check time by experimenting it stoppage,to slow its motion etc and analyse its impact-then may something arise to solve…..

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