Search of meaning self/society/leaders

The authority and power needs to look from newer dimension,people have natural urge to find meaning and purpose of their life,and are usually self driven,proactive and volunteer to take initiatives to help themselves,their families, neighborhood,communities and organisation to attain their such circumstances it appear logical that leadership is about facilitating the motivation in people ,the system and norms need to be so devised that they act as enabler as as people have natural disposition to contribute with deep involvement,so leader has to just enable people to fulfill their natural urge in constructive way.
The preponderance of motivation based culture is evident but we find a chorus for tighter norm,regulation and reforms of one kind or another ,increasing centralised control and excessive power and authority has been prevailed leading to oppression of creativity,innovation and initiative whereas these qualities are so crucial in our times.

The natural disposition is there but the pull and pressures of modern times has brought the impact in the way that humanity is losing the practice of thinking ourselves and tend to shirk responsibility ,life has become mechanical and little time left for pursuing ones search for meaning  /enjoying the pleasure of earning .,this is also reflected in organisation .the natural gift is being blocked and may lose zest for events and decisions and start feeling safer and more comfortable to receive instructions ,thus in the families,institutions and workplaces it is safer that the other is always the better one to think,decide or act.
it is there that some some people or communities manage to solve really tough problems while other struggle or fail to do so ,when a critical mass of people give up their intrinsic power to a few and it leads to aggressive and violent misuse of power .
through the history all communities have faced their worst but some societies has come out from crisis early and prospered and some others are yet lying in shambles.

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