The shades of grey

There appears to be no perfect co-relation between the growing grayness in appearance and its impact on human in same proportion,sometime much outside has changed and the populace has long started viewing one as grey but one has not slackened in his emotion/passions and his own manic world and the concerns,the fear and phobia,the emotions etc has not stabilised at all ,than it creates a paradox but is hardly a concern for one and his endless pursuit goes on and if not slackened by family or economic concerns than it can remain going till a fag end,the eyes are to be covered with a proper spectacle which makes one feel all the time the colours as appealing.

The GRAYNESS in some may add more color as the stability in emotions and the falling in pits of passion become less and the time taken in exploring the finer points reduce to a lot making the comfort level growing at the faster pace.
nothing has changed for one and what others view is not a concern ,the dreams may not loose its luster ,the surrounding as raw as ever,the hunger to get deep and more devolved relationship ,to achieve what has remain elusive so far,to understand and pursue the targets more correctly becomes the motto with aim to avoid maximum inconvenience and attain the best result.
with gold and silver struck ,it becomes a proper opportumities to embellish the same to ones loved dreams ,the dreams excavated out of debris of time and polished and positioned to attain its golden heights  

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