The individual story

The man is born and he learns from the environment surrounding him,he learns the language that is spoken around his birth place,that means that man can learn any language,as a raw product and if no environment is enforced upon one than much could remain raw and the natural way of growing and contemplating could be devised.

but the man it appears to a large level is impacted by the environment,one gives great value to the fact that his survival was ensured by particular customs employed during that phase by his caretaker etc,further man is a emotional being ,and the memory and emotions of environment shapes him to a large extent,questioning of things which in society nobody praises is hardly worthwhile option.
the stories circulated in the environment one grows becomes much important and deeply takes its root in subconscious
regardless of above facts basically story of man is individualistic,in the world both gender occupy equal numbers,yet it is individual story of experiencing relationship,the societies which do not promote individual search and aspiration to grow and tries to mold ones life in all spheres/aspect kill the very life of an individual..
the search has not ended and may not end unless understood the basic volatility of it further apart from the bigger/larger issues,yet despite all sort of available means ,one has to chart out his own identity band live his life with the basic concepts which one has endeared ,one than find the enjoyment of seeing his vision unfolding at variace degrees ,and avoiding the deep plunging and regrets ,
the self is a volatile,the universe is volatile and its also searching new dimensions/horizons yet the universe has made the many pockets quite stable and the individual despite living in volatile environments/concepts find the some sort of stability ,which is apparently visible .
the concepts /the rigid ideals and the zeal to explore much in social science sphere is not able to produce nicer results.its the finding od individual ways to find the peace by being adjusted in the environment what is available arouds ones surrounding.
the same flower,the same lake,the same house attracted one by heart and the same thing gives no solace to other ,the story is individualistic ,the innumerable concepts are flying in the air,its upon us to what we can grasp and localize/individualize  ,ones sufferings are hardly much understood by others ,some feels themselves suffering hell despite having all privileges,and for storing the individual story ,the collective environment need to be supportive by the society level,. 
if one feels that he is on the right course suited to him ,than there is no worth giving much cognizance to others opinion and views,which may based on biases ans envy.
the individual are a deep void in themselves,yet when it comes to advising/analysing others than they becomes omniscient,the one who is not able to identify the path of own journey wanting other fools ,so that to fill his own void.  
the moderation o9f individuals feeling and emotion is to attempted by the individual,and despite any amount of progress and means,there may remain much ,which the individual has to get self ,and where no tangible thing is much of help.

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