Anger-the dimensions

The anger management therapy needs to be applied when it reaches to manic level,but sometime it appears that signs are alarming ,at the height of lunacy and ranting when one openly spew abuses ,make bizarre claims and vent anger and frustration at random,it led to ponder whether if the connection between unbridled money ,fame and power and frustration and anger is shorter then one like to believe.

To maintain the status as rich ,powerful ,wealthy,star etc with the sycophants surrounding ,getting public attention and interest of media and public life of them with the /yet to carry the baggage of anxieties,fragility and insecurity that come with human existence is not an easy task ,it makes for enormous pressure.-and often-anger and frustration-
anger and frustration –anger is an emotional state that varies in intensity from mild irritation to intense fury and rage ,it can be caused by both internal and external events ,it can be toward specific person/event of flight cancelled/worrying or brooding about personnel problem.
people deal with variety of concious and unconscious processes to deal with their anger and angry feelings.
the three main approaches are expressing,supressing and calming.expressing your angry feeling is an assertive-not aggressive manner,
the incidents are gone,and the truth about the anger is that no one else is destroyed except who feels it,as all other walk away after the incident and attention to it by others get diluted as the new breaking story steals the light and all begin to regard it as a event of distant memory,ultimately the one who got angry is left to face the inner demons ,anger could be suppressed and then converted or redirected ,the aim is to inhibit or supress your anger and convert it into more constructive behaviour,the danger in this type of response is if not allowed outward expression can tern inward may cause ailments.
it is worth trying to hold in your anger ,and to stop thinking about it,,there are hardly anyone who has not experienced the blinding all consuming rage at something or someone.after all we are humans and very vulnerable.

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