The efforts wayward

There is a tendency to again and again limp back to/stick back to the manner which we want to mold,which we know by heart that we need to change our stance/our attitude/and we need to further develop a new pattern in which constant energy is flowing in us and the unconscious is not able tp engulf its fold every day by removing the lethargy,controlling the self talk,and also not giving undue weight to other person action deeds its immediate or its imaginary or probable impact.

Some time when case is not spoiled too much due to some positive factors then by change in thinking and by analysing the benefits the wrong attitude and with desire to remove the obstacle coming in way of our better living ,it may be done.
Sometime what happens that despite all efforts nothing is achieved ,but a certain shock,sudden huge accident or a massive failure can has the desired impact and help in controlling self and even then in some cases despite such huge trouble limping their conscious also limp as the probability/severity of trouble is imagined or discussed.
the efforts need to be focused ,and constant and regularity should not be allowed to disturbed at any cost,the regularity till the desired impact is not visible should be hundred percent and one need to avoid unnecessary discussions with other,the line of discussion be kept in check and one need to develop the skill of observing and praying a bit.the consistency,dedication,forbearance under pressure that all counts a lot ,further the tendency of some become early satisfied and complacent spoils the game ,to shape ones attitude,sytle is not that easily achieved,the change in our routine with dedication in the sense of nuturing certain habits of brisk walking,exercise,listening music the passion one have in deep mind that need to become regular,
passion is useful,one give that emotion to anything and one is bound to exel,it helps one to enjoy the journey as much as achieving the goal,passion implies investing more of yourself-body,mind and soul-into life work and relationship,the passion spelis the difference between boredom and excitement ,mediocrity and excellence.
passion is never a prerequisite for anything,but the lack of this emotion renders everything-work,leisure,adventure etc insipid people can lead entire life without being passionate about anything,but the boredom creeps in,the mind blows in nasty direction and one is orphanged,the passion is a tendency natural which one has more other less,to know about to which thing one is passionate -it could be anything that one love doing or which makes one happy the career are selected matching passion,but the passion is natural tendency also whatever is done in life to earn livelihood one can have natural passion to be sucessful as opportunities are not available and grabbed further to identify ones interest is usually also a not feasible,one feel content in one thing but later on loose interest in it,
it is said that if one has not loved something or hated something with passion one cant get the heights ,nor plumbed to the depth of emotion,one has not been fair to oneself,but with costs.
in present time much has reduced to numbers /data record and technology ,the approach need to be professional and emotion of passion is to be immersed in it ,for successful completing it.
as if every element is not favoring one ,despite trying earnestly ,nothing positive output is coming ,on one is recognising ,the self is itself burning.
earlier there was some unexpressed/hidden zeal and some planned conscious action were taken but the luck plus the ones gullible nature surrounded by wicked wolf has taken out every bit of zeal and the inflicted scars are so severe that a gullible /easy going man which was not in habit of taking note of much happening /giving it meaning was forced to abandon much of the positive traits and become confused/perturbed etc.
the luck has has not favoured much ,the physical capacity ,the family circumstances and lack of ability of mixing in being a part of group .
some are highly extrovert and have traits/leadership capacity ,they usually successfully integrate in the group ,but the one despite members of various feels as if one is foreign element.and same feeling about him as if shared by the fellow group people.
the effort becomes so scattered and directionless that all actions goes on the path of waywardness ,the cohesion is lost and just as to survive efforts are done.
the efforts behind which strong will and determination lacks ,the efforts go wayward ,further the planning ,vision is further required so that efforts may not turn wayward .
the efforts of individual need ones thoughtful purpose plus the support of group/team.
a phase sometime comes when it appears that all is going in wrong direction as if the brakes has failed and the control has been lost and the direction heading is unknown and where it may collide not known,one cant always be in the  vehicle of choice with command,when the purpose becomes obscure and the path not visible,yet the continuance,and finding own worth for self makes sense.
the communication with self and others need to be rejuvenated ,without the proper such balancing even the better part may lose its better part. the recoveries may be cyclical,and how long the cycle last ,it may not be so easy to predict,the cycle of fortune may be lukewarm toward some,as all the parts could not be covered by fortune,as if the world basic norm-plus and minus,positive and negative.
one may need a mentor and conforming to mentor is not easy for all,the breaks /disruption in the natural path hurts,sometime it heals and sometime healing efforts results in more wounds.
sometimes all /much is left to the destiny understanding its supremacy,which could be seen when world most powerful person/institutions despite best of result could not achieve the desired results and more so things turn into wrong directions.
the efforts have their own way which is yet to be fully known,the history may jugde the efforts in better way.

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