Human irrationality

The rationality may suppose to emerge and prevail in long run ,as human sleep at the end of day to forget all and to get up fresh tp repeat those anomalies .The life span of human is too small ,further human rationality is much subservient to surrounding ,the stimuli are hitting at one from different directions and one has to react,the room for maneuver is sometimes too small ,thereby providing no space for any other consideration.
  The lessons are learned to be unlearned and one see the rationality from point of view of own survival and prosperity .The strange part of game is that one himself in his own life span see the decline of all controls/comfort/embankments built by one with such deep passion ,making lose all the relevancies attached and finding no mych relevant cause to remain much on track ,it is like shepherd who keeps his flock of sheep tidy and controlled,such structures and perfect systems are not much in vogue.
The deprivity and currency is consolidated in some pockets,who propogate themselves with their wealth to get prevail and perpetuate their rationality. 
There are many unconscious error of reasoning that distort our judgement,and sometime the hidden biases are so complex ,there could be ones tendency to irrelevant numbers 

There are many cognitive biases in the sphere,as our tendency to overestimate benefits and underestimate costs  reveals that there is pervasive optimistic biases ,and in more sense a bias toward optimism is not good since it generate false beliefs -like the belief that we are in control and not the plaything of luck,but without the illusion of control our morning and evenings might have been different.
The irrationality at individual level may vary more and when collective view is taken it may be less,but to ones amazement there are many instances in present and past where we find that the group biases /irrationality was worse,as individual  may become flexible by watching the harsh truth but collectively one is shut and can hardly afford to move out of groups views.
In earlier era it might be topic of huge research but now it appears to be established that human,society or country all behave out of fear,greed and with the consideration of self preservation ruling high.

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