Trustee of wealth

Wealth is  for development and welfare of common man ,it has to be increased and evenly distributed so that a minimum comfortable life and necessary means is available to all.Wealth is enhanced by productively deploying to increase output and services ,hence capital need to be formed .
Merely possessing excessive wealth by few may not be detrimental provided its efficiently used to enhance output,doing business,creating employment etc ,this development task left solely to govt has not shown much positive result,private hands with their capital and control has enhanced wealth ,generated tax revenue to govt ,besides providing advantages of competition etc
For the mother earth everything delivered  by her is wealth ,and every element is valuable without which the Eco system will collapse.
With the advent of the species of human on the earth ,much started to alter ,the human had better active brain and the ego,the man needed to show his power /influence/dominance so that he could view himself  as per his satisfaction and further expects that fellow human view him different from flock,therefore something was needed which denotes wealth  and the man who possesses more of it could be viewed different and powerful.
The scares metal like silver and gold ‘s possession was started to be conceived as wealth ,and the one who possesses more was considered powerful and wealthy was able to get goods and services in exchange of its possessed valuable.
The argument and logic are varied,something was needed to create order in the human society to measure the work /performance of one,so that the authority can distribute the reward in accordance.
further a order might be needed which could rank the relative importance of different things,which man need to possess,the authority and its organ became the trustee of wealth,they got the task of regulating the wealth ,to ensure that minimum wealth is in hand of all ,and if wealth concentrate in few hands than by means of legal means of taxes /investment be plough back for the welfare of larger society.
Each and every one is trustee of whatever wealth one possesses ,one may not be correct to presume that one is boss of wealth and to consume and direct the wealth,to store,to preserve,to consume wealth in rational way is tough task of every one.
If the trust is breached the consequences follow,the anarchy spreads,in the present times new way of inventing wealth are devised by modern trustee of wealth i. e. central bank/academics/authorities.
The concept are many ,some says health is wealth and some trustee’s are sick of wealth,as it need to keep accumulating more so that the competitors could be kept at bay.
The wealth accumulated by some cannot be consumed by individual ,yet one can derive others from benefiting from it but cant consume self,then question arises when most powerful person of world cant consume more then an ordinary individual ,but can only store unlimited,an when one cant consume it then why to accumulate it.

The wealth in hand of one is a social obligation on one to use it most productively ,so that whole society benefit from it as it is a huge responsibility on one which is burdened on him due to his intelligence,hard working ability and trust.
The wealth in ones hand is concentrated then it is not only for waste and individual benefit,but he is trustee of wealth to deploy in it in such way that maximum benefit of society is achieved 

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