The hard reality of leaders

The leader needs to be honest to self and to the organisation but what happens in some course that one rises to higher slot then the fear percolate in and the biggest task remain left is to maintain the position by any means,for example when a leader find a successor to him ,but usually he will not allow him to grow or the more talented man he finds he will try best to retard his growth.

Even when some important post is vacant and suitable or say more suitable candidate is there then efforts be made that that post is not fulfilled by inventing excuses.
some decision are deliberately get delayed to build ones importance by suddenly developing the need more more informations,advise or resources that one know one would nover get.the reason is simple as majority of leader love to think and force other to think that they are simply indispensable.and they derive pleasure by assuming that organisation would crash after they leave.
Yet it is there that business success tend to overshadow personal weakness and then usually all other mundane things are safely ignored as long as leader is delievering the profit is based on self preservation and fear instead of internal inspiration .
some leaders deliberately dont give clear direction to sub ordinates and avoid saying most important thing with aim to confuse and to make appear thing too hugeand leave workers scrambling to catch up
leaders can make the transition from good to great if they have self awareness and a well rounded personal life and as well an ability to suffer fools and laugh at themselves.
the trust toward employee need to be more so as the company grows.
the leader could be respected and feared and can also be respected and liked ,in the short term both will work ,in the long run only being liked and respected will ensure success as most people don’t  quit jobs ,they quit bosses and in the longer run losing talent may prove  big drawback

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