Relationship and emotions

The emotion in relationship usually plays a spoiler game,some consider it as binding point in lasting relations,the emotion need to be refined to what it may sometime mean in relationship,like it could be said expectation,a desire to be understood,these are solitary desires usually without understanding the shell of other,to expect is not unnatural,but here one also need to keep in mind the other one could be in a shell,built up over long time ,rooted deep in his mind,therefore the flimsy things,the pleasant surprise,the nice words all the time,are not always feasible.

Despite knowing one for long,one may conclude that at least the habits of one another are known,yet we find that struggle to modify other and fault finding continue unending,despite being no significant issues.
the emotional reaction has a very negative impact on relationshiplike defensiveness,withdrawing from conversation,criticism and contempt that need to be analysed and effort be made to increase respect and to become friends ,manage conflict and find ways to support each others hope for the future,the small moment of everyday life are actually the building block of relationship.
calmness,intimate and backing each other yp are ingredient for lasting relationshipthen there are avoider ,who tries best to avoid confrontation are able to drag relationship as stable relationship based on old fashioned view which value companionship stands relevant as perfect relations are imaginary so if variace is in a range then effort with understanding can yield results.
relationship are hardly divine so when a relationship take roots then thoughts,worries and hope for new relationship should be discussed to built positive experience,but yet nobody can predict how long relationship will last as at any given time ,multiple factors are at play ,yet discussing belief system and developing shared dreams go long way not alone the materialistic passion.
as the reality is one is pretty much his own ,it may imply despite saying that humans are social being yet basically humans at heart are alone wondering existence,relationship and exploring a perfect mix which create and maintain the cherm required for satisfactory existence is there.

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