Control freak

Trust is intangible ,  hardly quantifiable yet cost of low trust in organisation is very real ,significant distrust doubles the cost of doing business and triples the time it takes to get thing done,when trust is low in a company or in a relationship ,it places a hidden tax on everything ,every communication ,every interaction ,every strategy is taxed ,bringing speed down and sending costs up
This HAPPENS because organisations are over managed and under led and leader need to overcome their inability to give up control and empower people, there are stories of high control which caused heavy strain on employees,this level of control was manageable as long as the company was in the start up phase ,the lack of trust in employees in larger organisation proves fatal.

Some entrepreneur are control freak and he is unconscious of this fact and he wont accept it nor take responsibility for it then the things are difficult to change ,even after great setbacks acknowledge his obsessive need for control ,he may offer many rational reason for his approach.
In some quaters it is said that leaders need a healthy dose of narcissism in order to survive ,since assertiveness,self-confidence ,tenacity and creativity can’t exist without it.but once a narcissist gets into a position of leadership funny thing start to happen,because narcissistic leaders are often charismatic ,and employee start to project their own grandiose fantasies onto the narcissistic leader and suddenly every thing become unreal
the empowerment of employees have assumed significance as only usually a third of product cost is material -the rest is knowledge ,the communication in the environment of no trust is not possible and people will look for hidden meaning and agenda .
trust is possible where two way communication is there,the growth of employee takes place when they are empowered and motivated for results ,the leaders should build a team ,inspire the ranks and win support and respect from people with they work.
efforts is the input and the outcome is the output ,it appear reasonable to assume that if the effort invested is enough and in right direction then the output ought to be positive ,but it is not always so,as generally inputs parameters are more in ones control hence manager need to evaluate the efforts of team ,the quantum and quality of efforts one need to corelate efforts to the result ,then the analysis could be useful
it need to be recognised that achievement is result of combined effort of all employees ,the outcome is measure of efforts and the performance may not be measured in the number of hour devoted,as long as employee able to achieve the result within stipulated time and budget ,therefore control in this productive form need to recognised.
the control is a relative word,one is hardly able to exercise on self,family or society with out avoiding negative consequences,for creative pursuit ,and for enhancing ones satisfaction and for individual growth ,the room of individual introspection and self appraisal with achieving own task and get a decent approval in group associated is feasible ,when the control is proper,the individual spirit need to excel and not to remain in moulds of frustration and helplesness ,which may not increase the over all value and growth.

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