The depressions

One is afraid to get in touch with innermost feeling,anxieties and demons that are slowing down one,societies have encouraged one to perpetuate his pain by trying to avoid feeling at all time,we talk ourselves as if we are out of uncomfortable questions but may be bothering us deep down, INSTEAD  we push them further down and believe in getting  on with life/to conceal under carpet and never see life beneath the carpet as if eyes are closed from reality and how long/long enough they may lie so/the one may be caught in dire straits or the major one gone/the human have many times a goal of ignoring much,let pass the time.the worries are endless ,the anxiety and pain weigh on one heavily-the boss seems unhappy,marriage showing sign of strains, children are becoming rebellions,lover cheating and many more,but one is terrified of even beginning to search for a answer,WHATif the answers disappoint//the ways of life are blocked by them whom one thought they will provide solace and understand and at the misery it is usually that they never played the way one thought,the others may not be depressed in that sense but his anxieties and need to have a fool to out his garbage cause the severe impact on one who took the world a nice one.
it is better to see the emotins /face ones deepest fears/otherwise one may never know what his strengths are or how to cope with the physical fitness is not much use without emotional strength
emotional fitness is the ability to monitor to choose how we think and feel..we have learnt to accept that our bodies have a healing power to deal with physical injuries ,we must also understand that we also have the natural ability to from the suffering from emotional distress one need not be afraid to try.

usually the finer people with high spirits want to fall in emotinal relationship with gullible one to derive pleasure and even if some other moment emerge they do not cost them much,as it is said that like some stress is needed for balancing life in same way some games need to be played to derive divine pleasure and some hiccups do not matter and the lasting memory of golden phase is enough achievemt for some but the gullible one due to inner lack cant relish and the baggage with other existing depression compound the task and suffering for him.
the economy is in depression due to bad decisions of the past/lack of good leadership /the repeated conduction of mistakes/the overlooking of warning sign/the availability of natural or human resource in particular country and the policies accordingly,-same is the depression in life,the warning signals are to be catched early,if by no one else-by self,one need to be awaken to the reality and need to ponder and try out alternatives with ease as there may hardly be much to lose,

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