There is mad rush in to expand  economies,to show their rates growing fast enough,even when the population is declining and the level of individual consumption is saturated .
When population is declining and consumption level are at peaks than how the gross domestic product could grow,there could be possible scenario-
1.Either the few pocket of population that is relatively worse  than the other part of population that is nearing peak in consumption be provided power to increase their consumption to stimulate economy. 
2.Newer and newer form of services be invented to boost economy and its indicator i.e G.D.P.
3.Export more and more and grow dominance to make lesser developed part of world dependent and thereby swell coffers and enhance activty that reflect in ever growing G.D.P.
4.innovate and acquire new technology and by such patented tech export same at huge profits.
5.Invest hugely in developing market so that growth there reflect also in ones economy and its measurements.
These are also fraught with many side effects and could prove self inflicting if not handled properly.
It has become now much relevant to analyse and evolve the gross happiness index of society as despite all wealth and gadgets ,large population lives in fear and mistrust,individual as well nations relationship is declining  leading to stress.Therefore to promoting understanding and increasing harmony among diffeeent section of society could contribute better in nations standing ,power and development.

Now the concept of gross notional happiness  is coined and further it appear that more relevant concept need to be evolved by understanding the logic of desired growth and if the same is achieved in wellness/happiness  sense without expanding the economy by putting more factories or inventing instrument of mass destruction.
The index to judge the innovation and scientific progress is more relevant ,whether economy grows or not but scientific progress index grow the power of economy  .
Now it is era of soft power therefore there need to have change in the traditional methods of calculating the real growth of economy not just in the term of material produced and consumed but in the sense of groth in real power by innovation and acquiring the cutting edge advances.

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