The tribes

The man has needs ,the primary one are same in all and in the primal days when to meet them was the sole concern the human being formed tribes to focus  on their pursuit to meet the primary needs.

The groups were easy to move faster ,to change location where the more greener pastures are there,the tribes wandering at different places came in interaction with other civilizations and ,but yet the tribes remain what they are like the circus team with animal and artist tend to roam putting tent here and there.
The tribes are more found in hilly areas ,where interaction with other culture was less and the agriculture and other source of living,
the help and the economy was too small and the system none,the hard way of life ,it looks that man on being put on earth started to grow in numbers and to fed one self always disintegrated in small groups to wander here and there and the lucky one reached prosperous plain’s, rest at tribal zones.
The tribes may be satisfied lot but the invasion by non tribes to grab their valued wealth resulted in their extinction,a deeper drive into deeper pockets,and the lesser efforts were made to integrate them into mainstream so they more so remained confined to  their roots and a civilisation ,the natural integration/growth added by honest means might have helped more.
The art is there with the tribe ,which is being sold in markets to entertain and be bemused by it,our all systems have appears to bear commercial consideration and lost its real meanings./
A new man with the ancient culture and spirit in mind forms the new tribe ,that vest in modern apartment with the tribe culture,

the humans have progressed by increasing consumption,by growing needs ,by creating newer needs,the life has gone too fast,the man is today looking at slowness of the tribes,the limitations of tribes,and finding that his heavy coloured aspects are not showing that colours that are seen by ordinary tribes with their bare eyes and bare foot.
Newer tribes emerging in clubs,pubs,walkers group,mountaineering groups where effort is made to cultivate a particular culture/ethics with shared and common understanding.
A common leader who command respect and given charge to take care of other threats/issues that may impact welfare of tribe and to slove some internal dissension.
Despite misery the sense of belonging,common bond and the defined role in interpersonal relations inculcate deeper ties and glue to tribe.
Here the folk ignoring various issues and hardship is not considered hardship and the fewer moments that are celebrated as tribe events or individual events were considered worth and to remain longing for them since birth of child.

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