Attention deficit syndrome

A new disorder is being diagnosed now a day ,with the prevelance of virtual world ,which provide 24 hours touch with friends and unlimited materials ,now the plenty has resulted in attention being selective ,usually casual and short lasting
some section of society has been too preoccupied with future and analysing the past to devise strategy that there attention to many smaller wonderful things is sometime evaded and at the same time some put their attention on their posterity and some discourse that the growth is stalled and a boredom starts to prevails.
humans are naturally appears to be prone to this disease as they can hardly devote any attention to their own body,the malices ,the disorder,the functioning of same,the nicer and other points and despite it human pay attention to many things beyond their sphere.
the tendency of human is to go wayward but much sysem/society is preserved despite this ailment is that the humans has been able to built up institution of excellence.
we give something too much yet nothing is achieved and we give nothing much is achieved,the humans has developed machines which are consuming its much attention and to keep his illusion alive.
the impact of sound and listening is immense in our life,one of the big problem arised in recent time is our loss of conscious listening -where one pay attention to what is happening around one,and trying to relate by focusing on similarities instead of differences.
the attention to listening be not passive ,it is paying attention to larger events to find right opportunity to find ones relevance 

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