Education-thinking and self learning.

The present education system in many countries give more weight age /race for better marks since  that effect their cgpa and ultimately their chances of placement.,this system is not producing real leaders whose natural talent is nurtured but the business so often find itself in the grip of groupthink ,leading to disaster

there is urgent need to improve the way the education is imparted with the theme that CATCH THEM YOUNG,LET THEM CHALLENGE ,DONT PUSH STUFF DOWN THEIR GULLETS
such an approach will produce better leaders tomorrow they may be more perceptive,less willfully blinded.
the education system should encourage thinking and self learning and teaching students to follow nothing blindly ,they may be teached in a way that they analyse and decide all things on based on logics.
the education system must instill hope and positiveness in student and ensuring better understanding of life and its cycles.

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