Socially transmitted disease

Tthere are many sort of disease ‘s ,real or imaginary which resides in the mind of one ,diseases which are in the body are real and the diseases which are said to be result of certain invisible chemical is not imaginary ,yet question remains what is the ideal quantity of that chemical or the chemical may differ in different being in their composition and quantity.
the humans are prone to viruses/diseases and some are delievered by self declared super human or deliberately to promote vested interest ,the chanel of society serves as a very convenient mean for them to achieve their objective,one has to sway the masses to catch the imagination of society ,using much of the channels available today to propagate own brand of influence .
one has to catch the pulse of the vulnerable segment that want to trap ,to spread the influence to achieve the objective best known to them,ulterior motives or just a sick mentality as if needing explosion to sway larger segments.
its like a chain effort ,first some hardcore team is formed than various gimmicks are used and channels and the new form /brand of culture/ideals are spread ,which may be transmitting various sort of diseases to the society ,becomes stuck to some particular event/belief/plan.
the modern hero of society,the popular one in film or the high flying wealthy segments act are emulated by the masses ,they are the factors which,with ease are spreading various type of diseases ,more so in the lessor developed part of world.

in real sense the sick is one who feels oneself sick ,others who do not feel themselves as sick but other feel that they are sick is a disputed matter ,in real world all feel about one another about their sickness.
society also provides many beliefs and mould the framework/structure of ones thinking that in many cases one in his full life see things through that set frame and transfer this frame to next generation for adherence ,these are socilly transmitted disease which are more dangerous.

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