Organisation and leadership

Organisation are developed not merely by grand ideas,vision and purpose etc but as organisation consist of peoples /employees ,they are  to perform in a systematic manner along with deployment of different resources to achieve the vision behind its formation and to create wealth and serve all its stakeholders.
When humans of different skills are pooled to create an organisation then some body is needed to lead it ,to be responsible toward all stakeholders ,and to ensure delivery of desired result ,coordinating all activities and motivating staff,therefore leadership is needed to lead organisation .
Alternatively organisation are designed and envisaged by leaders ,that will be perfectly suitable for achieving its goals,yet nothing is static,leaders are replaced ,so is employees,circumstances etc but a culture,momentum to excel pervade the basic spirit of organisation that makes organisation to evolve continuously to remain ahead of its competitors .
Leaders organise the systems,work ethics and infuse perennial agility among its constituents,usually the one who envisage initially a business plan,venture ,idea provides initial leadership,i.e promoters with supporting staff,delegation happens with advancement of business and need to make organisation vibrant.

Organisation shapes the life of citizen,an organisation is a separate entity created out of society to achieve business or other goals and for which resources are deployed and distinct culture and ethics are created to govern it to achieve its goal ,it operate into competitive environment and has to face challenges from other org ,not like the threats being faced by nations,here it should be a healthy take for improving/benefiting consumer and the nation.

It need to invent more and more innovation and need to nurture creative ideas which may flow from all direction not just from top.Leaders keep rapport with employees who are facing the real challenges of org and they offer solution and not hesitate in taking responsibility ,leaders involve all in
strategic business planning and every stage of policy formation
the leaders should have ability to fire the imagination of people around them which in turn stimulate high performance and it is their traits coupled with the ability to lead,take on risk and drive change and these factor produce result.

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