The growth model

Around 400 hundred years ago the  some asian countries were the richest at that time ,later on the western world with its un orthodox and progressive thinking with scientific emphasis ushered in industrial growth making their countries grow at huge pace,which increases the wealth of its citizen and the living standard of their natives increased considerably.

The better living standard of developed country resulted in change of many social values and vanity ,the growth of aged person and reduction in new labour force.some countries which were left in the race joined the rush with their visionary leaders and cohesive societies.,these countries will also start experiencing shortage of labour and growth of aged ones.
But there are many pocket left in world where nothing has changed and are ready to supply as much labour needed and themselves may head for internal disturbances,these countries will stabilise as everything come to end,but it would not be easy and it would be a very difficult task and with huge crisis and suffering.
No single model of growth with limited variables could be built with any ease,and just ponder the paradoxes that the land which is richest in mineral and agriculture is having most poor people and rich people living in arid areas,it highlights that its man and their vision and leadership that causes growth.
The basic theme need to be pervasive in masses that improvement in living standard is primary aim,and resultant positive change in culture is worthwhile,further the huge tribe who are bent upon to preserve status quo to preserve their dominance need to be isolated, that highlight the importance of education ,it may be first step toward better long term sustainable growth,the teaching may be living as well as it should be viewed as social workers/reformers.
Every growth model should take into account the resources available with society -land,water,man,minerals,location,traditional advantages etc and utilising them most productively is major task,here various dogmas ,ideology ruins the initiatives.
Any dogma and ideology in itself does not work,its the corruption less effective implementation with openness to make modification in plans to yield maximum result.
The concern of getting maximum results should be the sole guiding ideology and subsidiary issues need not be given undue significance.
It is usually the subsidiary issues that derail all attempts and nullify gains,now a issue that some have benefited more ,here it need to be understood that different people at different times are having different capabilities and luck,resulting in better results for some,here the govt role to ensure minimum to ensure that all wealth in hand of individuals,companies,nation etc is most productively utilised. thereby enhancing jobs,state revenue and innovation that benefits the entire society in attaining growth.
Unnecessary to say ,yet significant in many parts that now technology needs to be made integral part of any growth strategy,the individual be made well versed with technology and all must have access to same. 
Further integration of society with technology can improve productivity ,delivery effectively,it may reduce cost and eliminate leakages and corruption.

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