Brand survival as consumer is fickle

The consumer are fickle and this fickleness is a product of habits that are deeply ingrained ..and the temptation which at initial or some point push customer to flirt with ,but they again revert to soon,this fickleness needs to be understood accepted and overcome.the social/political leader sometime try to make some iconic brand by raising some important chronic issue but such movement has to overcome one more barrier consumer cynicism about social change-
Marketer should recognize that while they are targeting consumer they are also talking to people at the same point and should appreciate that many shopping decision fall into habit-buy what usually bought by self or mother ,,people get into habit for various reasons -as they simplify life ,they help give structures to otherwise chaotic life ,they give stability in otherwise chaotic world,therefore the marketer need to think strategy to change mental predisposition of consumer and to lure customer to move out of the inertia and forces of habit.
New launches gets initial traction propelled by experiment friendly mindset of today’s generation .,innovator and early adopter move fast to the next new idea in the market,some product/brand built on idea and also constantly evolved as society has evolved over time and adapted to newer or changing cultures have successfully kept consumer engaged with them with new product and refreshed communications .but one need to note that hidden behind successes are stories of patience and perseverance ,
in the present era brands have moved from commodity, to product to service to experience ,the wonderful brand may offer transformation ,in which consumer enters in and move out with a life change ,it may be in the area of education health and management and psychological consultancies. brand power in these sphere will rule when the product or the stories around the product create an’aura of rarity’ in luxury category the affordability and exclusivity of access will remain the dominant factor,as luxury brand operate on the formula that they can be afforded by 1 percent ,desired by 5 percent and remain alien to other 95 percent. further other domain are relevant for brands ,the authenticity is one ,darjeeling tea,basmati rice,scotch whisky and other such categories,which have rich source stories,create rarity by just holding on the specialness , origanilty and pioneer status -the first one either in invention or in mass ligitimisation -has the advantage of being special in reality or perception

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