Rarity worshiped

The creativity,after all the ads are pieces of art attempting to appeal the aesthetic sensitivity of consumer while attempting a sale the rarity/creativity has parts -the idea which is often the connection the creator embeds in the content ,and the craftsmanship ,the elements that go into the execution of the idea ,the best ideas are those that make unusual connection ,thus providing the human mind something unexpected ,earlier when the frequencies of sport events were less ,than the event evoke interest quite early even before the start of match,today the sport has grown in size ,in terms of both money and eyeballs,but the intensity of involvement is different,there is little time to savoir the events.

We live in world of plenty of options for entertainment and recreation,they pass by quickly too,as the next big event catches our attention.
the real challenge is to identify which unexpected connections are acceptable to the receivers mind 
as the categories get crowded than awareness to loyalty and advocacy -do tend to move from in rectangle to something more like triangles,this indicates a reduction in depth of relationship,the more prevalence of event make it widely enjoyed but loses its specialness ,both in term of emotion and consumption.
rarity is to be built by being selective and not become a public item along with it the consistency in quality and approach as well as some value attach to it help.
the people of certain virtues and dedication are rare and due to this single element of rareness they build a brand and enjoy worshiping  for long time and are able to influence the life of others for times.

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