Mental retardation natural or adoptive

Much of the additions are made in human life ,are by way of adopting things naturally,by choice or ignorantly or by confusion ,inertia or the perennial weaker self.
Therefore there is no doubt that additions are made by human’s in all sphere of his reach and existence,the puzzle is complex when one explain the circumstances/environment etc to ones predicament ,its certainly there and impact is beyond the doubt.
Adoption is done consciously or unconsciously or reason of complex mix of circumstances/environment/nature/maturity and will power etc.
The more troublesome it becomes ,when the retardation is added after the birth as if it becomes too difficult to lead a natural life and the things/issues settled in the mind starts having its impact..,and one loses the will to alter the direction and surrenders to the ghosts lying within and become hostage to them and starts assuming that it is the course destined for one.
Preaching is easy ,but to rise above the circumstances /physical incapacity, loneliness and no one there to prop-up emotionally and the glamour of life distant away as if human need to submerge in something,-Be it speed of life,Be it the activities of life ,-Be it the pool of money and its use/deployment,-,Be it some ideals or some prevailing concepts or family ,friends ec
Man need to submerge in something,so that at idle time ,the idle thoughts /things happened in the day or before do not starts moving as a picture with feeling of proud that -i said this ,i did this,-as if one has so little things to do that in ordinary events one starts to find pleasure and starts feeling proud at moment but the repetition of such thoughts again and again caused distraction and it start adopting mental retardness 
as the world become more complex and human become isolated and the touch which is required to make human fully human is not available with man since the start of civilization that particle has been kept by the creator which is illusive.

the humans are so much concerned by the real or imaginary issues that one is hardly able to provide solace to others ,as it is wild world and survival is to be ensured by individuals by becoming independent since start ,one has to fend for oneself.
the human mind is very shaky and all the events ,small thing since the birth are stored in some mysterical fashion,and they have their impact depending on their ability to sabotage or the other general weakness,it is clear that when anybody is weak all hell brake loose on him and his inner self also exert pressure of wounds known /unknown buried under debris are surfaced to compound the trouble.
hence it could be said that a man was not retarded by chemicals but the circumstances and the inherent nice/easy approach which could not bear the harshness of world has led one to become like that feel like that and other people say like that.

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