Fear and phobia

The biggest obstacle in the path of self realisation and self actualisation is fear it is single most powerful element which is causing great distress to individual as well as whole humanity.
The fear is created and its perception is changed so that the player in derivative market can gain out of it ,the phobia of collapse is spread and the market is in uneven shapes.
The fear harms the economy,the growth is hit by the fear,the healthy environment make the business grows,the stability ,the security helps in expanding ties and promoting business,it is the important task of finance ministry and the central bank to make efforts to remove the fear from the market and hope of high growth and development make the economy zooming .
The sentiments effects individuals and business alike,the bad sentiments slow down business,the environment be healthy so people do not feel uncertainities and disturbances and thereby expand their contracts and freely enter into newer contract,the business expands when more and more contracts are made in writing or orally and the fear of entering it into is not there ,it happens when only business risk remains and other risk are removed in actuality and in perceptions

the countries are spending huge amount on their defense by raising armies,by building and acquiring weapons and pitting up lot on spying.this alone is sufficient to conclude that man is hardly a social element and yet it is individual story,as the person gathered around are just for common interest and they are also suspecting each other.
the humanity has started to evolve in its fullest potential only very recently to say within hundred years earlier it was just a primitive existence ,even today many part of globe may be in that shape,a lot of pain in the store before a healthy society is developed.
the fear may actually be real or not but its impact becomes real,as the danger and harm is done,the fear of default,recession are abundant today and a decisive action by leaders of major economies is needed to dispel this fear so that world starts expanding economies and lives of citizens.

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