The key factors in human growth..

Human has traversed a long path,which was once so fragmented state now gradually converting into universal concepts,in which miseries of earlier times avoided and comfort zone has tremendously increased ,freedom ,knowledge,education excelled and connectivity,transportation,art and craft,science,communication etc became pervasive,which were earlier available to few. 
The human growth was added exponentially with examining issues in lab,to analyse it scientifically to use it for human benefits for masses,which led to industrialization,bucking earlier trends of analyzing issues in caves etc by self realization. 
Human growth gained traction with establishment of various institutions and modern education systems ,which produced man power with expertise in diverse fields ,paved way for continued research and development ,further modern dynamic,public participated institutions established for governance ,maintaining rule of law etc created equal opportunities and conducive environment for common people to gain confidence,equality and impelled them to become equal partners in growth avenues.
In earlier era people use to die en mass in diseases like T.B,POLIO,FEVER etc and causes of most deaths not known,now vaccines had eliminated many diseases ,which were earlier considered epidemic,and now organ transplant ,advance surgeries,block buster drugs have enlarged the average age.
Earlier entertainment in grand way was privilege of very select few,now each human has become prince in that way ,available so advance means of entertainments ,enjoyment that to whom earlier prince may envy available with most common people of today.
Compared to earlier times the societies had became more stable now compared to earlier nomadic existence ,man just an upgraded version of other species.
The infrastructure of today has made horses,elephants of earlier days irrelevant and requirement of keeping stable,now marvelous infra both vertical and horizontal  has allowed man to reach in real time at any corner of Earth and much of space.
The wealth of humanity has risen phenomenally ,with yield of agriculture with modern equipment,seed, fertilizer has risen at unbelievable size compared to olden days ,industrial production,services growth etc has made average human much better and safer today.
Finally virtual world and digitization is connecting all,enhancing productivity in all areas,delivery of services to common people has bacome instant ,hassle free without leakages.  

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