The wider dream.

One understand that any dream will gain its fruition/accomplishment in most pleasing and vibrant way ,if same is aligned with wider dream of masses,An oasis of pleasure is repeatedly stalked and pushed by disgruntled forces to pull it down.
Until individuals ,organisation,nations etc do not align to and create a wider sustainable dream ,much remains fragile.
The individual dreams flourish and prosper under canopy of wider dreams ,they are parts and constituents of it ,hence if fundamental vitality of wider dreams is shaky ,then all will swing wildly in stormy surrounding.
The space is created by wider dreams ,so that many /all desires of individuals constituents can get dissolved/absorbed in its ambit.
The world is lesser segregated and became global village by technology ,interaction among st its constituents has gone up ,the wider dream of masses is evident,yet it is suppressed and diverted by despots to suit their convenience.
The wider dream is derailed by hypocrisy and narrow interest of few,that is playing havoc in forming a more congenial surrounding,and accepting that individual/nation welfare is aligned to larger welfare.
 Nations foundations has been laid on a very bright and dynamic dreams,based on honesty and innovation/principles with aim to attain utopia,yet some nations has undoubtedly achieved prosperity for their citizens and emerged as global power yet generally world  besieged with numerous problem and  in a large part of world  view all efforts with skepticism.

Some nations despite achieving many things has not been able to develop a true order and understanding among  fellow nations and hardly any lasting solutions evolved.
The dream need to be wider there is no doubt that diplomacy and pressing needs are above many things but one need to understand the long term viability of strategies along with  their consequences need to be considered,further  complex problem may not have easy solution and to solve them a lot of tolerance and goodwill is desired.
The wider world prosperity without disregard to narrow interest is more relevant and now its been clear that how the imbalances in all things including monetary one/has impacted the world ,leaders should act in most perfect way and need not to be influenced by narrow concerns.

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