Participate leadership..

leadership is always a hot talking point,even the crisis of economy is exaggerated  due to lack of confidence of masses in the leadership qualities of leaders  heading nations and institutions.
Managers/leaders works at various hierarchies with different roles but contributing to larger goal,same is to be aligned perfectly so that all gaps are filled and movement toward objectives become smooth and one way journey.
The size of business grown,complexities increased,all aspect like-production ,marketing,human resource ,finance etc have their significance ,collaborating of different leaders with different skill sets,expertise leads in emergence of cohesively built team of leaders.
Further now all employees regardless of their functions,status need inculcation of feeling of responsibility toward organization,and provided direct feedback apparatus as worth of each activity is important,even small remote functions impacts overall credit ability,so organization from top to bottom to  reflect same robust resilience,work ethics,culture,sensibility. 
Communication and co-ordination among leaders in all democratic institutions is essential,where free debate,arguments,pros and cons analysis,strength and weakness ,priorities,exigencies etc are taken care of by active participation.
Monitoring,feedback analysis,moderating plans,small changes by experiment,initiative with in overall objectives,to say to exercise flexibility  to remain realistic to ensure goals.
Participation is ensured by means of communication among all in horizontal and vertical ways with central command/core group facilitating and concluding all aspect pondered/emerged/ to tackle any unwanted deviation.
The recent economic woes since 2008 has generated
 pressing need to analyse what went wrong and what steps should be taken to ensure such situations never happen again,this also emphatically establish  theory of participate leadership-so that all powers of decision does not pass in few hands and not exploited for personnel gains and harmful to  future of large populace.
No task,no schedule left without pursuance,it happens when a integrated approach toward participation develops ,and  petty leg pulling,blaming avoided and setbacks/failures are treated not adversely but as a developmental ladder and corrective requirement of means to achieve overall targets/value creation within defined time frame.
In participate leadership-leaders act as facilitators and not dictators ,they share information ,facilitate ideas,synchronize people with their vision and ensure that task is carried out smoothly ,it is collective group efforts and here people work cohesively , collaborate in non-suspecting environment.

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