Leadership evolution and path ahead

Leadership emerges from shared experiences,external pressure and an internal need.
Today working environment provides ample opportunities for talent to develop,its not that leaders are made overnight,a long struggle,traversing of path is needed to understand pulse of things and to gain knowledge /wisdom.
Decision making skill of higher levels is not available commonly,here more diverse knowledge,understanding of multiple aspect etc needed,therefore its a long and tedious path through which leaders made 
It is essential to identify talent in organization and groom them to be given higher tasks/responsibilities.
Some basic leadership traits one brings with self while entering organization ,it differs among entering employee,as some are more prone to venturing,accepting challenges and to ride on racing horse ,it may not suit to temperament of all ,therefore some with more leadership traits identified and be groomed,as being effective and successful leader not solely dependent on functional knowledge.
Positive attitude,tolerance,perseverance,receptive to newer ideas etc traits cause difference among human,and make some eligible for leadership mantle,to carry all along with one,persons are of different orientations/tendencies/culture.background that need understanding with vision/charisma to attract all.
Leaders extract acceptability,respect from all stakeholders and their writ becomes motivation and binding thread among all parts of organisation. 
The crisis situations put leaders in real test,to visualize things,to ensure survival and in better times grow faster among peers puts leaders in different league,to have ears on ground while dreaming sky,oblivious to all heresy but catching the real shot,picking up relevance from most ordinary happening etc that makes a leader great.
Leaders sharpens their instinct,and have/develop capacity to see in far horizon,what sort of clouds are gathering,quakes,storms in store.
The power of observation makes observer great,a picture/thing shown to many ,but comments of all would differ,comments more closer to reality are not really available so often,people tend to react in their inbuilt style/system with predilections.
Leadership has evolved from closed format to open one ,earlier decision making was restricted to few one  and even contribution was not welcomed from other staff ,now management has started viewing that all employees are eyes and ear of management as the sales man who is in market know much to provide material for research etc,
much drastic changes underlying leadership has been the evolution of virtual world where different sort of leaders are required to get out maximum from these internet related reach and market dominance,this is comparatively new origion and non -perfection in it may impact some business severely ,but its impact is at total business world-the way business would be done in future.
The fundamental principle of leadership is the qualities that lead people to become great ,the basic quality roams around the spirits ,the caliber,the understanding and the patience  to tackle things ,but now it is also assuming significance about collective leadership ,  with equal type of opportunity/education, charisma of individual , things has become  complicated and  to arrive correct decision requires collective leadership
Earlier decision making power used to be centralized now  much more space is at all levels ,ideas and feedback are encouraged from all levels ,the leaders emerge when there is vacuum ,people also need that someone lead them therefore age old leaders are worshiped so much till now,but some leaders are decisive and luck favor them , they are able to set good examples.
It is quality of leadership that make a country,organization great and successful,therefore developing,nourishing leadership is of vital importance,a robust organisation in weak hand can ruin it and weak structure with effective leaders can climb peak,history is full of evidences ,where great empires ruined,civilization to succeed ,prosper need underpinning by strong visionary leaders.

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