The tiredness.

Chronic fatigue is hardly due to work,we hardly work as hard as our ancestors did,but rather due to scattering of our forces,as ours is not a focused age,countless influences pull us in conflicting directions,we may find ourselves trying to do a hundred things hasty rather than one thing at a time carefully and /the system generally measures achievements by numbers rather than by excellence,the result is the exhaustion one find written on the faces,fatigue is also a direct result of loss of interest people tend to over complicate their daily routine and clutter their mind WITH THE DEBRIS OF USELESS DESIRES AND PREOCCUPATIONS,the tiredness has been the curse for one throughout life,we read that the young age is full of vigor and in the old age the bones melt leading to tiredness being set in.
what it appears is that ,to a large extent the tiredness is a mental state as sometime one may be working so hard and may not be feeling tired ,but more lively and sometime with such low work one may feel too tired.
One need to simplify ones life and concentrate on task selectively and intelligently,inner involvement in what one does increase his energy,a pleasant steadily increasing focus is to be maintained,the fatigue finally may also be the symptom of self cente redness ,one in present time is more tired in facing the realities rather then the bodily weakness the lack of zeal/will and outlook of worth takes the worth out of whatsoever action undertaken by one.
The tiredness has been a story of life of some,the morning one rose is full of tiredness and the evening full of tiredness throughout life,
one remains disturbed by the vibes of hot air from beginning of life which added to ones tiredness from the vibes provided by others which has penetrated into the each bones of my friend,the cracking of each bone each cell ,each part ,each atom of him and surrounding material that’s why tiredness has become so pervasive in his life.
Sometimes it becomes mental state ,lack of enthusiasm ,interest and involvement ,which leads one to feel perennially tired/bored ,further it may also have some biological causes ,which makes one more prone to tiredness.
The habits formed to always laying on bed,sitting on comfortable chair too comfortably and depending/accusing others for results make one prone to tired mentality,the days looks too long,night appears small to be able to provide complete rest are syndrome of escape mentality,which squeeze energy out .
One becomes tired of oneself with always with oneself and with others chord is difficult to struck,alienation ,tiredness of involvement,time passing anyhow if becomes sole aim with tiredness of facing so many things.
Sometimes with all genuine efforts nothing much could be crystallized,and not being as fast as rest are ,seeking values which are alien to many sets fatigue in ,failing to form the background which could have provided solace despite huge time/efforts make one somewhat withdrawn to newer reality setting in. 


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