The hope

The science has done a lot and the political bosses has also done enough to reverse the tide,but priorities decided  had often been swayed by unnecessary issues causing waste of the wealth and causing discomfort thereby some boiling issues are always left in pan to get some roasted issues.
Now to see where the hope lies is not a easy task ,the economics have been spoilt by such huge mean that it is a long tunnel walk without end and now there are so many players that economy starts looking to improve from one corner the other corner starts sinking and there are so many corners that all corners to be in balance may be a difficult task.
Now to search for hope may end with smart moves where one smart chap at the cost of many is able to take huge benefit of vulnerabilities at his personnel advantage.
Hope lies in technologies ,and their considered power to provide inclusion to masses,improve efficiencies,stopping leakages and better monitoring.The individual reach,access and knowledge may be widened in even the remote parts .
The hope lies in better understanding of issues that impacts humanity,and combined actions are taken to address them,its not task of some isolated quarters,but whole structures are to be involved.
Yet technologies alone cant succeed ,they need enabling environment to show their impact,the will of all stakeholders.
Further co-ordination among all countries would be must for betterment of the shape of globe,the international institutions may have to be made strong and petty national interest of particular country may not be allowed to derail the larger concerns.
Earlier the wealth was agriculture produce and manufactured items,as these are real products ,but now their share has gone down significantly and services and intangibles [arts etc  ] are having major share,the more one consume,generates more services for its citizens backed by strong nation adding premium to all their activities.

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