Resistance of change.

Anything new being introduced cause concerns among likely to be effected persons,change is otherwise natural phenomena,it is naturally unfolding ,as nothing is static in world.
Basically human has to go through the changes which nature has planned in advance,but during that phase/journey ,human are to fend for themselves with alignment with all visible/invisible,tangible/intangible  nuances to better their existence .
-Individual level
-Family level
-Society level
-National level
-International level
-Organisational level
With the growth in human knowledge ,and enabled by technology ,human has developed capacity to better changes which are happening automatically in haphazard manner,may be going in wrong directions.
Ultimately aim of all changes is to increase wealth,happiness,comfort,quality of life,inclusion,to create egalitarian world,excellence in all man made institutions etc.
-Age old beliefs threatened.
-Fear of being successful in newer changes.
-Extra hard efforts to survive iv changed environment.
-Losing comfort and its zone felt threatened.
-Losing present dominance.
-Losing ones control in new dispensation.
-uncertainty ,imagination of hypothetical hardship.
-Skeptical about purpose of change.
-Apprehending various designs /planning behind introducing change.
-Lack of confidence in person leading change.
-Lack of vision to understand.
-Lesser /improper efforts made to create environment for change.
-Not concerned to understand benefits that may arise due to change.
-No confidence that these changes will yield desired results.
Due to introducing change in haphazard manner.
Basically so appears,majority clings to ideology and their embraced founders,all new big movement/upheavals,most important moment of history ,when surrounding was charged and vision propounded at that times becomes lasting/sacred  guidelines. 
One is moving ahead,all path leads to some movement,all arguments have some logic,now question is -how to accelerate things and practical incarnation is ensured,even sometimes while taking decision ,some losses/problems could be envisaged,yet the larger and profound,lasting benefits are to be weighed against it to arrive at decision. 
The human basically resent changes until its rationals are absorbed by him and rises above narrow concerns,further changes fails because they are introduced half heart  and effected persons not taken in confidence. 
Most importantly the will,proper planning,proper allocation of resources ,continued monitoring /evaluations/time to time up gradations in strategy and long term perseverance /continuity to gain results.
Take case of nations building-  it may not happen in single generation life span,it may extend beyond that.the persons supervising change may also change ,then sometimes continuity of vision ,dedication ,values,sticking to core path etc to not ensured /essential to get destination.,in most developing world ,lose monitoring ,change envisaged on mass scale not supported by will ,resources ,dedication,man power ,proper planning,monitoring,leakages,intermittent deviation and overlapping programmer besides deadly changes in plan /strategy in its mid way cast their spells.   

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