The slow reaction.

There is said to be a universal principle that there is reaction to any stimuli,and the principle is said to be all pervasive yet the tragedy lies with one who is slow in reaction or late in reaction.
One who wonders why it is essential to react on each event ,and consider it all natural and usual things not worth of reaction ,but the others who are watching,in this world everybody is being watched with better or ulterior or unknown intention feels that why that one is not reacting in their framework of sanity.
The causes may be manifold,either the jerks in the way has been so harsh that his reaction skills are damaged fully or partially,or the latent error was there since early time or the opportunities were not so varied for one to pass the tests of the liberated one. 
From the childhood one was slow,he walked slowly ,can’t keep pace with group moving speed ,use to lag behind,feel to stand lazily in sunshine.
one who since early can’t understand the wicked comment of others,the crude joke of others,can’t participate in general sensation of others use to remain isolated on occasions.
Its that strange that usually larger mass laugh on absurdities  and enjoy on pities than one who can’t find oneself to be participating be termed as slow.the pace of masses is not necessarily the yardstick of normalcy .
One who is away mob mentality and may having perception of ease about the usual animosities   of surrounding tends to react slow. 
The deep isolation early or the lesson drawn from experiences make one wise and slow in reacting and being panic,the aggressiveness and crab mentality are fraught with considerations,the one who appears too strong is not so and easily falls pray to small pebbles,the crowd disintegrate and one become alone in pool of self imposed trouble than one who have slow and consistent reaction,
one who hurry to form conclusion and tries to see the thing in entirety keeping away from general mob endorsement have better result in terms of larger plan.
The slow one generally may not be so optimistic about things ,neither panic on slide,yet sometimes the one who goes with air is better but in the longer run gains nullify as suggested by investment experts.
The troubles are many and hardly other is able to guide and provoke to  of ,the reality slowly and consistently may settle in one for the better change.

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