Optimism and pessimism.

The positive virtue to be optimistic has significant value ,yet things in world are subjective,ones optimism is sources of others pessimism,and clouds changes color too frequently,suddenly rays of optimism becomes too pervasive and suddenly much is darkened.
Leave world ,even an individual in itself is so complex that too convince and adhere is hardly feasible for masses,a select echelon and leadership has more responsibility,further now whole globe is one entity,optimism could not be seen as a scattered phenomena ,it has to includes aconcerns of all. 
Optimism to reach to destination with joy,tranquility is cherished by all and with wider co-operation the different paths could be perfectly weaved to create rainbow of optimism.
The dark matters in the universe [called black holes]occupies a substantial part of the universe and from these black holes nothing emanates and everything get absorbed yet there are many finer place in universe and the black hole has not succeeding in engulfing them.
Be bright be happy,Think positive think bright are the prevalent advice in abundances,but one could not term optimism or pessimism as good or bad outlook,because usually it is emotion that motivates us ,and all know once in the flow of emotion nothing works until the outpouring subsidies ,generally optimism and pessimism are the product of the situation and the mindset of individual or may be group.
The optimum state could be defined as being rational as neither being or having either is guarantee of any achievement and both could be used as an opportunity to turn the events in our favor
The long dark night in winter make humans to need warming up and the shelter of light,so that the darkness does not impact the soul of one but when in the older days such items were not there than human remained  confined  to more darkness and vulnerable to act of some preachers,than the tussle of being optimist or pessimist might be low,as the major task in hand would be to confirm to the established traditions.
let the events unfold in their way,and the man made events are more complex ,they break the rules formed by humans,the theories stored in libraries ,the result could be anyway,the stillness not required,the activity may lead to  exploration ,yet a poor cocktail may dash much hopes.
The darkness in human soul and collective darkness of human souls may create a black hole where no sound of reason may be allowed to enter and the individual may turn into commodities of mass consumption of theories/culture/civilization,the bondage giving pleasure,the bondage to tradition,as if living in the optimism created by certain thought long ago,the relevance of which might had receded much now.
the harm are in with being either of two sides,the middle path with slight swing here and there could be option.

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