Euro zone dilemma.

 A sort pf plateau has been reached in some parts ,where further directions are not clear,some other part had just started evolving ,or just stuck ,where they had remind so far in history,no future got significance to them ,as history has enough .
Populations decreasing,more immigrant with diverse issues/values/ethics has surfaced,sacrifices are hard to made .
 Some constituent countries are in stress,due to debt,low economic growth,unemployment etc the way out could be more integration in euro zone ,and if zone becomes more cohesive without regard to boundaries,than some could be addressed.
With so many aggressive players in world economy,some with deep pockets ,some also with deep political/military power,technology,innovation etc,a small entity to just gain traction is not easy and time consuming,therefore more way out is to have better growth in domestic consumption and in zone. 
The all constituents can complement each other in way ,which is beneficial to whole euro zone
When the euro was formed the days were of global economic boom and hence no pessimistic thought were given weight.
The problem lies in that without having a single political entity ,how the monetary union could succeed, the European central bank has no direct control over the economies of member states further the federal system is not there,where central govt collect taxes and have larger administrative control.
Further no cohesion appears to be there in member state,as no member want to make big sacrifice  and no member state ready to take harsh steps to stem the rot.
The trouble is that neither the monetary union could be braked nor it can be made to run successful by overcoming all hurdles.
But the impact of impasse could be severe on the world economy already in fragile condition and can have very adverse impact on developing nations and on humanity as large numbers may be forced to slip below the line of prosperity.-

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